December 6th, 2021

Aloha students and partners,
There is another important update!
The State of Hawaii is now following the U.S. federal government rules for international travelers flying directly to Hawaii. Fully vaccinated international travelers flying directly to Hawaii (with no stopover on the mainland USA) need to show proof of vaccination and a negative NAAT or antigen covid test done within 1 day before flight. Both are required to board the flight. The covid test does not need to be taken at one of Hawaii’s approved “trusted testing partners” for direct international flights to Hawaii.
However, there are additional rules for international travelers stopping on the U.S. mainland before coming to Hawaii. In order to bypass Hawaii’s 10 day quarantine, travelers need to upload proof of vaccination, or a negative covid test from a Hawaii-approved “trusted testing partner” on the Safe Travels Hawaii website, before the flight to Hawaii.
Safe Travels website:
Information about Hawaii’s approved covid test centers:
The State of Hawaii accepts vaccines approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and the World Health Organization. This means that vaccinations from outside the U.S. are accepted by the State of Hawaii to bypass the quarantine. Currently, the definition of fully vaccinated means 2 shots of an approved vaccine (except the one shot Johnson & Johnson), which means the One Shot EU/Swiss Covid Certificate is not allowed for entry into the U.S. Here is more information from the CDC:
We hope to see you in Hawaii!