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dynamic General English IEP

The Intensive English Program (IEP) is a popular program designed for students committed to improving their English. An F-1 Student Visa is needed to enroll. To make the most progress, we recommend IEP students study three months or more. Classes are Monday to Friday.

IEP is a dynamic General English course based on internationally-recognized goals and standards developed by CEFR and University of Cambridge. Focusing on real-life communication, students acquire the full-range of skills and knowledge, including listening, speaking, reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. Students see their progress clearly and easily through "Can Do" statements showing the mastering of certain communicative tasks at the end of each week. Each course is made up of two periods, taught by a separate teacher.

IEP consists of General English Program and Monday Electives.

This program is also offered in a long-term Academic Year Schedule.

Academic Year Intensive English with session breaks

Long-term Academic Year
(Intensive English with session breaks)

Long-term students who plan to take time off for vacation or travel.

>> See Academic Year page

General Information

From 16
All Levels
25 Lessons / Week
F-1 Student Visa:
Monday to Friday
IIE Nationality Mix:



9:00am - 10:50am:
Session 1
10:50am - 11:05am:
11:05am - 1:00pm:
Session 2

Tuesday to Friday

8:30am - 10:20am:
Listening & Speaking
(includes Grammar)
10:20am - 10:35am:
10:35am - 12:30pm:
Reading & Writing

More Program Details

General English20 Lessons / Week

Monday Electives5 Lessons / Week

This class focuses on speaking in real-world situations, but also includes listening, vocabulary, reading, writing and grammar. Each week there is a different topic that relates to real life scenarios you encounter while using English in every day life.
There are role-plays, debates and discussions about current topics and current events, travel and survival English, English for work, slang and idioms, conversational English and much more. These skills will help you to speak English better in every aspect of your life.

Students in the 25 and 35 lessons programs take Elective classes each Monday, 9am-1pm. Elective classes are specialized courses that full-time students take in addition to their General English classes. They allow students to focus more intensely on some of the skills covered briefly (or not covered) in the Tuesday-Friday classes. Based on highest demand by students, skills and topics covered in Elective classes include:

  • academic English
  • grammar
  • speaking
  • debating
  • pronunciation
  • writing
  • current events
  • Hawaiian and US culture
  • idioms and intonation
  • vocabulary through pop music
  • English through TV
  • business English

Included in the Program

Great opportunities to practice your English, make friends, have fun.

School Social Barbecue

At least once a month, we have a very popular big school barbecue nearby at Fort Derussy Park. This is a great chance to meet other students, practice English and enjoy lots of delicious food. Students can also participate in fun outdoor sports and social activities.

Daily Activities

We plan a full calendar of exciting and unique daily activities so that you can enjoy the beauty of Hawaii while practing English. They include free weekly sunset beach yoga and free weekly hula, surfing, hiking, beach trips, picnics, catamaran cruises, more!

Tuition & Fees 2024


Registration Fee
Materials & Tech Fee$20
per week
Express Mail Fee$125 (optional)

INTENSIVE ENGLISH PROGRAM (IEP)25 lessons (Academic Track / College Pathways)

  • Academic Track (College Pathways) : 16+ Weeks
 Tuition 2024
4-7 weeks$400/week
8-11 weeks$360/week
12-15 weeks$345/week
16-19 weeks$325/week
20-23 weeks$305/week
24-35 weeks$285/week
36-47 weeks$270/week
48+ weeks$245/week

Other General English Programs

Short Term English Program (STEP)
20 lessons / week

The main General English program for students on a visa waiver, tourist visa or a visa other than F-1 student visa. All levels are held in the morning Tuesday though Friday.

All Levels



Non F-1

F-1 Visa

Nationality Mix