Meet the IIE Team

Our Staff & Faculty

Our teachers are trained, educated, interesting, and have many years of experience teaching abroad and in the United States. We require that all of our teachers have a university degree and at least two years of experience teaching adults or have proper English Language certification. Most of our teachers have been teaching much longer than two years and have taught abroad in Japan, Korea, China, Europe, or South America. They have a great understanding, appreciation, and respect for different cultures and know how to teach many different types of people.

IIE Staff Edmund Lee

Edmund Lee

IIE Staff Joel Beck

Joel Beck
Assistant Director

IIE Staff Jenae Roberts

Jenae Roberts
Academic Director

IIE Staff Mahoro Roth

Mahoro Roth
Senior Admissions Coordinator

IIE Staff Sadie Bazzone

Sadie Bazzone
Admissions & Housing Coord.

IIE Staff Akiko Wiegert

Akiko Wiegert
Admissions & Homestay Coord.

IIE Staff Nozomi Ishii

Nozomi Ishii

IIE Staff Jaymes Naito

Jaymes Naito
Senior Instructor

IIE Staff Griffith Stecyck

Griffith Stecyck
Senior Instructor

IIE Staff Svitlana M. Hampton

Svitlana M. Hampton

IIE Staff Melodi Fiorentine

Melodi Fiorentine

IIE Staff Jackie Lyn

Jackie Lyn

IIE Staff Ben Camp

Ben Camp

IIE Staff Kumi Sweely

Kumi Sweely

IIE Staff Zach Hill

Zach Hill

IIE Staff Jonathan Tuokai

Jonathan Tuokai
Substitute Instructor

IIE Staff Jordan Silvers

Jordan Silvers
Substitute Instructor