Hawaiian-Style Fun
Hula / Surfing / Stand Up Paddle / Ukulele

Experience Hawaiian culture and traditions the fun way with IIE Hawaii!

Hawaiian Activities Offered


The world-famous dance is the heartbeat of Hawaiian culture and history. The stories of ancient Hawaii are preserved in the beautiful dance steps of hula.

Private/semi-private hula lessons, and English lesson and hula packages are also available.


IIE Hawaii offers group and private surf lessons through Ohana Surf Project, a reputable surf company located just a short walk away from the school. IIE Hawaii also offers English course and surfing packages, Hawaiian English Adventures.

Surfing was the sport of kings in ancient Hawaii. Olympic swimming champion and Native Hawaiian, Duke Kahanamoku, is known as the Father of Surfing because he popularized surfing in the 1920s. Join our surfing activities and learn to do the Sport of Kings.

Stand Up Paddle

Stand Up Paddle (SUP) is a watersport that is growing in popularity. It allows for a great view of the water and makes catching a wave easier.


The ukulele is a well-loved and well-known instrument of Hawaii. It can be heard in almost all Hawaiian music, and is an important part of the traditional hula dance.
IIE is very proud to feature weekly ukulele lessons to our students.

History of the Ukulele

The ukulele was introduced to the Hawaiian islands in 1879 by a group of Portuguese workers arriving on a ship called Ravenscrag. One of the men, Joao Fernandes, was a craftsman who brought his braguinha to Hawaii, and played it for the Hawaiians. It was quickly embraced by the native Hawaiians, who named it the ukulele.

Fees 2024

Hawaiian Activities

  Duration Price
Surfing Group 2 hrs $110
(includes surfboard rental)
Stand Up Paddle Group 2 hrs $110
(includes board rental)
Hula (professional) Private 1 hr $90
Semi-Private 1 hr $75
Ukulele 1 hr $75
(includes ukulele rental)